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“Just a few weeks ago, I was spending my days too tired or depressed to do much and would often sleep for several hours in the afternoon; something that had been far too common since my teens. The TMS treatments and care that I received at SoCalTMS has healed the depression I’ve experienced for most of my life by giving me more energy, a more positive outlook on life, and the interest to do things I have always wanted to try; I started to ride my mountain bike just a couple weeks into treatment, which had been sitting unused for 20 years, and tried rock climbing for the first time just yesterday. I am a 55 year old, single woman. While it’s true I’ve ‘lost’ a lot of my life to this, I understand, now, that having depression is not ‘my fault’ and I do not need to blame myself for not being able to ‘just snap out of it’.

While TMS is not a cure-all for other emotional issues I still have to deal with, it certainly has lifted the veil and given me the belief and energy to deal with them and to better cope with my life as it is now, as well as restoring a positive outlook for my future. Joann Gadsky was amazing as the intake coordinator, who arranged for the insurance reviews and along with Dr. Hutton got me covered through my plan in what was ground breaking for my insurance company. Dr. Hutton’s kind and professional manner allowed me to feel safe and well supervised.

The techs who treated me were caring and put my needs first; the office and business staff made everything run smoothly. The results of the TMS treatments met all the expectations I was told up front and I couldn’t have asked for a better all-around experience when dealing with such a sensitive issue as my mental health than what I received at SoCal TMS.”

No one is immune from mental illness.  If not you, then you know someone with mental illness.  And so it is that Rick Warren, pastor of one of he largest churches in America, Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, and the man who gave the invocation at President Obama’s first inauguration, has also been touched so painfully with the suicide of his son Matthew.

After taking off four months from the pulpit, Pastor Warren has now returned with a message of hope, encouraging people to “take your greatest sorrow and turn it into your life’s greatest message”.  This is part of a new series of sermons entitled, “How to Get Through What You Are Going Through”.

After his son shot himself, he spoke about how the most difficult death is the death of a child, but the most difficult of all is a death by suicide.  But he also spoke of the years of pain his son suffered with his depression.  “For 27 years, he had struggled with mental illness. When he was a little boy, he struggled with deep, deep depression. Part of the grief we’re dealing with is not just his death, but the grieving over his life. Watching a child for 27 years say, ‘Why can’t I be normal, why can’t I be like everybody else.’ That was tough.”

Depression causes tremendous suffering, and it can also kill.  It is a serious illness that requires serious treatment.  Thanks to Pastor Warren for sharing so openly his pain so that others can learn and deal with depression more effectively.

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The touching story of a TMS patient, Carmen Burton, appeared in the March 2013 issue of Good Housekeeping.  In the article, which is told from Carmen’s point of view, she describes her 20-year battle with depression and her experience with NeuroStar TMS Therapy.  Carmen’s story is a testament to the remarkable hope and real-life results that TMS inspires among patients every day.

In case you missed the story, download a copy by clicking Good Housekeeping: TMS for Depression.

Blue Shield has officially published TMS coverage guidelines, effective January 11, 2013.

Here is a link to download the coverage policy:

This is a major step for patients with Blue Shield who will benefit from this treatment. The base criteria for pre-authorization is outlined as the failure of four anti-depressant medications and psychotherapy. Other factors may qualify, so a consultation is necessary to determine if you are a candidate for TMS therapy.

In addition to Blue Shield, we continue to have positive results when submitting claims for our patients from other insurance companies, including Anthem Blue Cross, MHN, and others. We have a dedicated staff to handle the submissions, peer to-peer reviews and the appeals if required. We are happy to answer any questions you may have on insurance coverage.

Southern California TMS Center participated in a National clinical trial on the efficacy of TMS for Depression.  The study, published on June 11, 2012, validates TMS efficacy in treating depression for those who have failed to benefit from antidepressant medications.   We are  pleased to be able to share the full article with you here.

SoCal TMS is pleased to announce that Anthem Blue Cross has just published coverage for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation as a treatment for Major Depression.  We have been working tirelessly with our TMS patients on their appeals for treatment, but this new medical policy means that patients can now receive pre-authorization without going through the lengthy appeals process.  Here is the link to the Anthem Medical Policy.

MHN (Healthnet) has officially published guidelines for coverage of TMS Therapy.  This is a major step towards universal coverage for this therapy.  We are excited that insurance companies are realizing the benefit of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for their members.

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