One woman’s journey back from depression with TMS


One woman’s journey back from depression with TMS

“Just a few weeks ago, I was spending my days too tired or depressed to do much and would often sleep for several hours in the afternoon; something that had been far too common since my teens. The TMS treatments and care that I received at SoCalTMS has healed the depression I’ve experienced for most of my life by giving me more energy, a more positive outlook on life, and the interest to do things I have always wanted to try; I started to ride my mountain bike just a couple weeks into treatment, which had been sitting unused for 20 years, and tried rock climbing for the first time just yesterday. I am a 55 year old, single woman. While it’s true I’ve ‘lost’ a lot of my life to this, I understand, now, that having depression is not ‘my fault’ and I do not need to blame myself for not being able to ‘just snap out of it’.

While TMS is not a cure-all for other emotional issues I still have to deal with, it certainly has lifted the veil and given me the belief and energy to deal with them and to better cope with my life as it is now, as well as restoring a positive outlook for my future. Joann Gadsky was amazing as the intake coordinator, who arranged for the insurance reviews and along with Dr. Hutton got me covered through my plan in what was ground breaking for my insurance company. Dr. Hutton’s kind and professional manner allowed me to feel safe and well supervised.

The techs who treated me were caring and put my needs first; the office and business staff made everything run smoothly. The results of the TMS treatments met all the expectations I was told up front and I couldn’t have asked for a better all-around experience when dealing with such a sensitive issue as my mental health than what I received at SoCal TMS.”

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