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Lead by industry expert – Dr. Todd Hutton

One of the first clinics to offer TMS in the United States

One of the largest TMS clinics in the nation

Over 65,000 treatments administered

Outcomes of SoCal TMS have been published in Brain Stimulation Journal

Our clinicians are kept up to date on training and medical education.




Southern California TMS was one of the first TMS providers following FDA clearance and is now the nation’s leading provider of TMS Therapy. We focus on compassionate care, excellence in treatment, and always put the needs of our patients first. With dedicated TMS technicians, experts in case management, and a Medical Director who is an Internationally recognized leader in the field, we offer you the highest level of treatment possible.

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Matthew E.

I experienced joy again… TMS dramatically improved my bipolar symptoms – after over 20 other therapies failed. I experienced joy again after a long time thanks to SoCal TMS. I’ve worked with a lot of doctors and multiple TMS clinics. Dr. Hutton and his amazing staff are thoughtful, creative, responsive, dedicated..

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Jason C.

TMS treatment has substantially helped me cope with depression. I had been seeing many different psychiatrists, tried nearly all the SSRIs and SNRIs with little improvement. I tried Ketamine Therapy, being told that it was almost a miracle treatment, but it did little to help. You need to be patient with TMS therapy. It took…

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Mike C.

What do other people considering treatment need to know? I have noticed a huge change. I have been hospitalized over 15 times, including a three month stay in a treatment center, and this has helped more than any of my hospitalizations. ECT was also treatment I have undergone, and this was superior with far, far,…

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