A Few Life-Changing Southern California TMS Center TMS Reviews

A Few Life-Changing Southern California TMS Center TMS Reviews

When it comes to choosing a Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) provider, patient reviews play an indispensable role in the decision-making process. These testimonials are not just opinions; they are personal stories that paint a vivid picture of what future patients can expect. In the realm of mental health treatment, where personal experiences and outcomes can vary significantly, hearing from those who have walked the path before can be highly invaluable!

In the vast area that makes up Southern California, SoCal TMS has long been a trusted TMS provider, offering hope and new possibilities for many patients battling Major Depression. Southern California TMS Center stands out, not only for its state-of-the-art NeuroStar technology and experienced, empathetic staff – but also for the life-changing experiences shared by its patients. These reviews do more than just endorse the center; they provide real-life insights into how TMS in general has impacted lives, offering both hope and information to those considering this alternative treatment for depression.

Here are some recent reviews by REAL Southern California TMS Center patients:

Robert: I suffered from chronic depression for many years. No medications helped and some had unpleasant side effects. After about 8 weeks of [TMS] treatment, I feel dramatically better. It seemed to come suddenly and a little longer than expected but worth the extra treatments.

Aja: TMS has been life-changing. Before treatment, my depression reached an all-time high and I was at the lowest point in my life. I didn’t feel a difference in my mood for the first 2 weeks, then it felt like someone flipped the switch. The darkness started to fade and I began to see my future become brighter. My family and friends started to recognize me again.My history with headaches and migraines did present a small challenge towards the beginning, however, over time it did get better. Other than headaches, my treatment was smooth. I am grateful to TMS, the staff and Dr. Schneider absolutely amazing!

Sophie: TMS helped me set a daily routine such that I felt more productive and functional even before the treatment helped lessen my depression thoughts. The drowsiness was somewhat difficult to manage, but with the support and flexibility of the SoCal TMS staff, I managed to show up to the daily treatment and reap the benefits thereof. Now the sadness and lethargy that consumed my days before TMS are manageable and I feel very hopeful for the future.

Carley: Before TMS I was not really functioning. I was having trouble getting through daily tasks. Medication alone was not helping, and I felt extremely stuck. After treatment I am feeling so much better. This is my second round of TMS and it works just as effectively as before. The staff at Pasadena have been so amazing! Amy is just a compassionate angel who goes above and beyond to make sure the patient can navigate insurance road blocks. Also huge shout out to the doctors at SoCal TMS! They are an attentive, observant, thoughtful piece of the TMS experience. I am blown away by the attentive staff and doctors here. I would recommend this to anyone. It saved my life, twice!

Hensha: Before TMS therapy, I was very depressed. Felt hopeless with no energy. No motivation to do anything and did not enjoy any activities. Always in a fog. It was so difficult to concentrate. I had a very hard time making a simple grocery list and I cried all the time. I remember wishing I was dead instead. Now I feel great! Very happy, alive, with tons of energy. I can also focus, make decisions and overall be very productive. I’m making plans again, spending time with family and friends. Truly enjoying life. What also was a tremendous help in my recovery were the amazing techs.

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These heartfelt reviews from patients of the Southern California TMS Center underscore the profound impact that TMS can have. They highlight not just the clinical effectiveness of the treatment but also the compassionate care provided by our staff. For those considering TMS, these stories offer a glimpse into the transformative journey that awaits and the potential to reclaim a life overshadowed by mental health struggles. You can read more of our many reviews here.


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