TMS gave me my life back.

TMS gave me my life back.

How you were before TMS treatment:

Before TMS, I had descended so far into the “hole” of depression that escape seemed absolutely impossible. To say I felt hopeless would be a massive understatement. Some days would consist almost entirely of lying in bed, lamenting the indisputable fact that I would never overcome depression. Talk therapy and antidepressants seemed to take the edge off a bit – sometimes – but I was still utterly miserable, and had been for the better part of a decade. TMS seemed like an (expensive and time-consuming) item to check off on the long list of therapies that wouldn’t really work for me.

How you are feeling now after TMS treatment:

It’s still astonishing to me, but the best way I can describe my state of mind after TMS is…not depressed. My energy, mood, and resilience have all returned to what they were in those long-ago times before I fell into the grip of depression. Life still has its ups and downs, sure, but I can handle these in a way that feels healthy and appropriate. Hobbies that barely held my interest before have become deeply rewarding again. I’m more relaxed and confident at work. In short, I’m “me” again. TMS gave me my life back. I thought that was far beyond the realm of possibility. I’ve never been so wrong in my life, and I’m thrilled about it!

Aaand, I’m just gonna throw in my own question here too, just for kicks…

How was your experience at Southern California TMS Center?

I can’t speak highly enough of the staff and environment at SoCal TMS. I always experience anxiety in hospitals and doctor’s offices, but here I felt relaxed and welcome. I can honestly say that on my last day of treatment, I was sad I wouldn’t be seeing the technicians on a regular basis anymore! Not to mention the fact that scheduling and billing were made incredibly easy, and the nearest location was right down the street from me.

Signed, Joe (Joseph) C.

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