I know it works and I know it’s real! – Christa E

I know it works and I know it’s real! – Christa E

No one can understand depression unless they’ve been there. I was there for 20 years, half my life.
I was a shell of a human being, completely empty and void of feeling, nothing made me happy, and nothing gave me enjoyment; not even my children. I woke up with the feeling of dread year after year and went through the motions of everyday life with my mind full of sadness and my brain battling against itself, all the time. Because there was nothing inside me, I put up a facade and faked my way through everything to survive.

Multiple doctors and almost every medication available could not “fix” me. I wanted to curl in a ball and live my life under the covers because it’s the only place I felt safe. I prayed that I would get cancer and die so the burden wouldn’t be on my shoulders. It’s a terrible life to live when you have no hope. I spent 20 years searching for anything that would make me feel something, and when I had reached the end of the line of medication, there were only alternative methods left.

Luckily my doctor was aware of TMS.

I finished 11 weeks of TMS and am mind blown at the change it has made to my life, I honestly feel it was a miracle for me. I wake up not fearing the day, I smile, I laugh, I actually have fun. I feel and it feels good. I still can’t believe that such a short treatment could make me live a happy, “normal” life. My friends and family can absolutely see the physical difference and tell me how much better I look, and that I seem so happy. TMS has given me a second chance at having an amazing and fulfilling life and a future to look forward too!

I know it works and I know it’s real!

Christa E. age 43

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