Before TMS, I didn’t know what normal was…

Before TMS, I didn’t know what normal was…

I have struggled with depression and anxiety for 10 years. At certain points my struggles threatened to unravel all that I had worked for: a college education, a solopreneurial design business, my ability to keep a relationship, and most importantly: my will to live.

I was at the point where I had seen the pattern of destruction that my depression and anxiety had caused and I didn’t feel that my life was going to be worth living.

I spoke with Joann at the Southern California TMS Center and made a consultation. I soon began treatment. Part way through the treatment plan I started responding to the stimulation. By the end of the treatment I felt like a different person. I have tried many other treatments: cognitive therapies, dietary changes, meditation, exercise, and various different psychiatric medications. TMS therapy has made by far the greatest change. Before TMS I didn’t know what normal was, but now I consider myself a “normal” person. I still have ups and downs but my mood doesn’t define how I feel about the future or ruin my ability to function. I’m able to let things go and I feel like my experience in life is grounded. My situation is the same as it was prior to the treatment, but how I feel about it has changed. I’m okay with my life and I have the energy needed to move forward. It is like there was another me locked away somewhere and TMS has let that other me loose.

My personality comes out in situations where I once had too much anxiety to fully express what I wanted to say. I’m far less on edge and have less overall anxiety. An unexpected effect of the treatment is an improvement in how I handle loud noises and startling sounds. Before the treatment I would have a difficult time standing near street intersections because the sound of traffic was too much for me to process. I’m still sensitive to noise, but I now have the ability to let loud noises fade into the background.

Southern California TMS Center has been a life changing experience and I encourage those who may benefit from TMS therapy to look into receiving treatment. The staff is friendly and Dr. Hutton is an expert with the treatment. The time commitment, cost, and temporary discomfort in my head were definitely worth the trouble. I would have gone through just about anything to have a change at a normal life, luckily TMS was what it took.


Oct. 10, 2016
Pasadena, CA

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