• 18 AUG 16

    Before TMS I could barely function.

    I struggled to go to work and could hardly wait to get home. At home, I sat on the couch for hours, unable to do much at all. Going to work wiped out all my physical and mental energy. I spent weekends on the couch in front of the TV. I just couldn’t work up the energy to do anything. I was like this for 2 years. My negative thoughts consumed me!.

    After TMS, I have felt such a positive charge! I have spent an entire day working in my yard, or doing things around the house. I come home after work and find myself busy and occupied – having the energy to do whatever I need to do. I want to get up off the couch. I ‘m able to push away the negative thoughts completely. I function better at work, spend time with friends, pursue my favorite hobbies and only sit on the couch when I want to!

    -Michelle, August 2016