• 03 JUN 16

    Getting up and trying everyday – Isaac

    How were you before TMS Treatment:  I was chronically hopeless and afraid, feeling like I was meaning the end of what I could endure.  I had no expectation that any treatment or medication could ever make any difference.  I felt that I had exhausted all options and that suicide was all that was left for me.  The depression was all-consuming and had taken over every aspect of my life.  There seemed no way out.

    How are you feeling now after TMS treatment:  After TMS, I feel that I have returned to a sense of normalcy, a stability I had not felt for years.  It’s as though I can finally resume my life and move forward again.  I am no longer in my old cycle of self-destruction, collapsing in on myself.  Now I can return to being a son, a brother, a friend to the people I love, and more importantly, to love myself again.

    Isaac, Rancho Cucamonga