• 16 NOV 15


    I have suffered with chronic depression for nine years. Each day was worse than the next. I felt lonely, sad, joyless, irrational, and I couldn’t enjoy the things I used to. I truly felt as if I had no soul. It was the worst pain I had ever endured. As my depression worsened, I couldn’t get out of bed, much less hold a job. My life felt hopeless and thoughts of suicide dominated my mind every day. I tried every medicine you could think of and none of them helped. The process of going from one medicine to the next, without any progress made life feel even more hopeless. The side effects of these medicines were terrible. One of them even sent me to the hospital.
    Knowing that medicines were not going to help, I sought the help of my family and they led me to Dr. Hutton and his wonderful staff for TMS treatment. This treatment was like no other that I was aware of. Over the time that I did TMs treatments, I gradually started to feel better. The TMS treatments were painless and did not have any side effects. By the end of the treatments I felt joy, happiness and clarity. I truly felt like myself again and I got my life back.
    Dr. Hutton and his staff were understanding of my feelings and condition throughout the entire process. With the TMS treatment and their caring nature, they were able to make me whole again. They provided me with a remedy and a wonderful experience. I would recommend this treatment for anyone who suffers with chronic depression.