• 16 NOV 15

    Esmeralda G.

    “I can recall being depressed since a young child. I’ve never felt like I am truly “happy.” Even after my marriage and birth of my two children. I’d have some type of relapse. It wasn’t until my 32nd birthday that I truly felt hopeless; as though there would never be an end to my misery so I checked in to a hospital for help. Then was I given actual diagnosis of major depression, bipolar disorder and panic/anxiety disorder. I began taking medications and although they’d help for a while, I always fell back into deep depression. I was told about TMS by doctor and gave it a try… it helped much and I thought “Great this is it!” But I guess because I didn’t continue with maintenance I felt ill again. Fast forward 8 years later for my 40th birthday I felt extremely desperate again. I felt what has changed in my life? Major depression and anxiety set in again and I didn’t want to be hospitalized anymore. I don’t want my children remembering me in and out of the hospital. Luckily TMS was an option again!
    This time around, its been great! I’ve even said to everyone I feel better than the first round of treatments. I feel that I am comfortable in my own self. I do not feel depressed and can actually feel at ease being around others. Just the other day, my children, husband and I were watching a comedy movie and I laughed out loud. My 11 year old so said, “Mommy I’ve never heard you laugh like that.” I couldn’t help but feel guilty because my illness has affected them as well, but I also vowed to myself to always remember that and keep trying to be free spirited for their sake. The staff at Southern California TMS Center Pasadena are wonderful! They are all very friendly and optimistic and I love that they treat you with kindness and respect. I almost always brought my children with me and they were also treated very well. I would highly recommend TMS to anyone with depression, although improvement may not be felt immediately it seriously helps with time. It offers hope!”