• 16 NOV 15


    “My name is Christine and I started seeing Dr. Todd Hutton on 07/27/05. Dr. Hutton diagnosed me with bipolar disorder.  I was very sick with depression before coming to Dr. Hutton. I tried to kill myself several times and was not successful. My life had no hope or zest. I took medication for my depression. There were times the medication worked, but the medication did not always work. When I was deeply depressed, most of the time I would stay in bed and did not care about my appearance. I would not eat well either. Interacting with other people was extremely difficult for me also. In five years I have been admitted to the Psychiatric Hospital twenty-two times for major depression and suicidal thoughts. The good news is that I have only been admitted to the Psychiatric Hospital twice in the past two years with very short stays. Dr. Hutton introduced me to Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). My life has changed dramatically and I am happy when I arise in the morning. I feel positive about my day and have plans to become employed once again. If it wasn’t for the treatments of (TMS) which Dr. Hutton made possible for me, I would not be alive today due to my chronic depression.”