• 16 NOV 15

    A.V., This testimonial about TMS was submitted by an actual patient to Palmetto, the Medicare intermediary

    “I am (A.V.), a female age 76. I have suffered with major depression for the past 5 years. My symptoms were debilitating. I could not function doing every day tasks such as washing dishes, cooking meals, shopping or making decisions. The grocery store frightened me. I have had tremors on my hand; therefore I could not drive to do this. My husband had driven me to doctor’s appointments, etc. I also had extreme mood changes like I cursed for up to an hour at a time. I had some periods of remission for one month to up to 3 months where my symptoms were gone and I was my normal self.
I am so appreciative of Dr. Todd Hutton for his caring and kind manner. The TMS Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation really worked. His staff were most helpful when the device was put on my head. I am now back to my volunteering duties, attending board meetings, and enjoying my family. This breakthrough came after 17 sessions on this therapy. I hope you will consider having this therapy available for all depression prone people who are on Medicare. I had saved for a year so I would be able to pay the cost because my HMO Kaiser did not approve of this therapy. We are seniors on a fixed income.
I thank you in advance for considering this therapy.”